Hello & Welcome to Seaside Beach Home. My name is Lisa Keller & I am a beach lovin’, nature craving, DIY addicted furniture painter. While I enjoy many things, one of my passions is transforming old tired wood furniture into something beautiful for your home.

Ill be sharing my furniture painting journey, favorite pretty things, possibly a few random pictures ( I sometimes think I’m a photographer) and DIY projects with you so I hope you enjoy my posts filled with ideas, color, and a few crazy moments here and there.

Not only am I a huge fan of creating a beautiful space, I love to save a few bucks. That’s how I came into painting furniture. Sometimes you just want to create a beautiful statement piece in your home, without the high cost. Maybe we can find some great inexpensive ideas for your home together and get inspired to Do-It-Yourself or at least save some money doing it.  

Enjoy my inspirations and don’t forget to check back for new and wonderful things to come!

I  love feedback so if you have any questions or ideas, please share and thanks for visiting Seaside Beach Home





some images on this site are for example purposes only and SBH does not claim to have completed these furniture pieces and ideas

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