My name is Lisa and I hand paint wood furniture using various paints and finishing waxes, giving it that old vintage or beachy look. I’ve always loved the look of a coastal home. From the painted wood furniture to the home accessories. I think it gives a home a warm, comfy feel…sandy feet welcome!

I realized that if I liked the coastal vibe, maybe I can help others who like it as well with furniture ideas, decorating ideas, and more!

I also post DIY home accessory ideas that you can easily do at home to update your decor.

So if you were thinking about throwing out that old piece of furniture, think again and take a look at what I can do to refinish and repurpose it first.

So, if you are a vintage enthusiast like me, email me or use my Contact Page & send a picture of a piece of furniture you would like refinished. We can discuss color and distressing levels together to create the perfect piece that will be a show stopper in your home.

I can also paint bed, mirror & picture frames, tables, benches, and just about anything wood! The options are endless.

Well, I hope you love my hand painted work and DIY home decor ideas, don’t forget to check back for new and wonderful things to come!

I   hearts-9feedback so if you have any questions or ideas, please share.

and thanks for visiting Seaside Beach Home



some images on this site are for example purposes only and SBH does not claim to have completed these furniture pieces

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