So, this is the fun part

There are 2 parts to finishing your furniture

The first is picking your color and the second is the distressing level you like. All interior furniture is finished with wax and hand buffed to a matte shine. Furniture made for outdoor use is finished with a Marine Grade Exterior finish. For a FREE quote- email me your furniture pictures at

Picking your color

So many colors are available so bring it on and lets see how we can change that drab wood furniture into a gorgeous piece of furniture

let your creativity run wild!

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bulb_onYou can check out ideas for your furniture HERE

Paint Colors 

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Color Chart


Custom Furniture & Wood Tops

Minwax Stains

Picking your distressing level

For a FREE quote- email me your furniture pictures at

Basically you can lightly distress, where edges, corners, and handle/knob areas are sanded (anywhere that would normally get wear and tear). Dark wax is uses sparingly to age it a bit

Or you can heavily distress, giving your piece a super vintage look. Dark wax is used more generously. Here are two examples

100_1027 (Medium)           level2


Add a Saltwash Finish…

New!! Saltwash is a finish, invented to create a unique weather worn, textured, layered sun and salt air soaked look, just like you find in an old beach cottage.

Just request a Saltwash finish combined with any color. Two different colors can be used for added depth. *Saltwash finishes are an additional charge

saltwash_image saltwash_example

Lets get started

Send me a picture of your furniture @seasidebeachhome and I can email you a FREE quote.

I hearts-9 feedback so if you have any questions or ideas, please share

F.Y.I. I do not strip furniture that is painted already. Currently, I only paint on wood/stained furniture

Hand Painted furniture is a unique process. I use a brush to paint all surface so no factory finish paint sprayers are used. Due to this, no two pieces will be exactly the same. techniques used to achieve a specific finish vary and are original to the piece of furniture being painted. These paints produce a vintage look to your furniture and do not always provide solid coverage. Some under tones may show through

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