My new little workstation

My new little workstation

I came across this piece and didn’t think much about what I would do with it. Actually I had it for at least 8 months and basically just kept looking at it, not knowing what I had in store for it yet.

2 weeks ago I finally had some time so decided to paint it. Still having no real plan for it, I did know that I wanted to give it a driftwood paint job so off I went. I used 2 different paint color first.

I added the dark wax then I painted the top in a dark brown paint and distressed it a bit.

Add more dark wax, and more dark wax…

Now at this point the Side Table is done. I store it away thinking Ill put it up for sale on my website. Then last night I’m clickin’ around on my laptop and BAM! It came to me. I wanted to create a small area downstairs that I could just sit and do a little work on my laptop. Of course it had to be by a window so I can daydream and look out at my garden when spring comes. This table was perfect! I moved it in and I love it! High Five myself 

Here we have the completed table. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below



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