Tips for Decorating a Beach House

What is Beach House Style? Its a vibe, actually. Beach House decor is simple, clean, and airy. Here are some tips for decorating.

Accent Colors. To start off with, decide what your accent color will be. Beach Homes use Blues, of course, but also Greens, Yellows, Whites, Corals, & Yes! even Reds. When I say accent colors, we are talking pillows, rugs, art, furniture pieces, and display items, not wall paint colors ( we will talk more about wall colors in a bit). Picking your accent color first sets the stage for the rest of your room

Textures. Using different textures in a Beach House is so important. The reason is, beach decor is all about nature. Adding elements of Wood, Glass, & Metals , & Fabrics made of Duck, Canvas, Linens will all give your home that super comfy, down to earth natural vibe.

Some ideas for wood element are: Chunky barn wood picture & mirror Frames, Wooden wall art, open wood shelving, serving trays, Rattan baskets & wreaths, one or two Distressed wood furniture pieces, like a side table or coffee table stained or painted.

Some ideas for Glass element are:Colored Glass Bottles, vases, bowls & lamps, decorative Jars

Some ideas for metal element are: Frames, Wall Art, Mirrors, lanterns, Birdcages.

Some ideas for Fabric element are: Drapes, Pillows, Slip Covers, Rugs, bedding

Wall Colors. Keep it light & airy. While Im all for some darker colors as accent walls or for a kids room, I think your loving space should feel open and fresh. There are plenty of awesome neutral colors out there so by keeping your colors in the neutral family, it will not over power your room or accent colors. And light colors always make your room appear larger. Light blues/greys work well if your looking for some color (watch the color with you accent color, dont go overboard!) and White and light beige colors will match anything so changing your mind is easy. Wanna go green this month, just change out some new throw pillow and change up that rug… done!

Window Treatments. Keep them light, if your using any at all. Remember open & airy is your goal. Ive seen people not put up any treatment or use shutters instead of the traditional drapes. Now of course if you need the privacy, drapes or shutters are the way to go. The more light that comes into the room, the better so keep them open in the day and let that sun shine in!

Dont forget about your beach house guest. You know they are coming. If you have a beach house, you have company. Theres just no way around it. Adding a POP of color like Red or Navy to a guest room is not only going to make your guest feel like they are in a boat cabin, its also going to show off your beach house style sassyness.

Happy Beach House Living!

Tip: If you don’t know where to start, find a picture of a beach house you like and without matching it perfectly, use the same principles to achieve that look. Buy items that are similar in texture and color.

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